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actions taken(measures) Hello. I work in a municipality with Geographical data. Here i can find two challenges. 1) actions are for now similar in all municipalities with some small variations, but can be more difficult later. An app where stakeholders/ municipalities/ companies can add their own actions and informasjon that will show on a map could be an idea? (open and non-sensitive data). 2) have an app for the "contagion team" to deal with where(map) people are in quarantine og sick in case home care is neccessary (GDPR - sensitive data). The "contagion team" can oppload data and control the data themself. Needs to be a closed system only available for the "contagian teams".
Kommunikasjon hos Stavanger Legevakt Stavanger Legevakt har hatt utfordringer med sine telefonlinjer og har dermed ført til at folk har møtt opp på legevakten. Dette har gitt flere utfordringer, og ikke minst øker smittespredningen. Hvordan kan Stavanger Legevakt få håndert sine telefonlinjer bedre for å få bedre kommunikasjon til sine innbyggere?
Carbon footprint Norge Norge har en stort ansvar for forurensing. I denne forbindelsen når flytrafikk er minimal så kan en se resultatene av forurensing i hele verden. Norge må ta tak som en front figur og lede tiltak til å forebygge at verden blir akkurat samme som for en måned siden. Nå er tiden til å tenke, reagere, og gjøre noe med global forurensing.
Help the government execute on their promise to help affected businesses As stated in relation to today the government said "We hope to have a solution ready in 2-3 weeks".
e-resept helsestasjon for ungdom fra Visma HsPro det rettes et stort ønske om e-resept fra Helsestasjon for ungdom i disse tider da mye av virksomheten er lagt ned/ lagt om i forhold til smittervern.
Pandemi og dokumentasjon Dagen har gått i ett, men vi dokumenterer alt på papir. Ved en pandemi og ny-oppstartet team, var det vanskelig å vite hvordan det utartet seg. Vi har utarbeidet kartleggingsskjema som vi har endret flere ganger etter at FHI endrer sine kriterier og retningslinjer. Nå er det bestemt at alle kartleggingsskjemaene skannes inn i E-phorte til kommuneoverlegene. Det vi hadde ønsket oss er et bedre system. Vi er avhengig legevakta og deres pålogging til journaler som blir ført der og prøvesvarene. Kan dere lage noe nasjonalt, enkelt, slik at det blir likt for alle.
Contact tracing of infected COVID-19 individuals Due to the widespread of COVID-19 virus, it is hard to identify and trace the individuals who are suspected of infection. This may result in infected individuals roaming outside, most probably unintentionally, and infecting others. Thus, there should be a way to trace the contact amongst individuals so that the spread can be controlled. However, the tracing methodology should not infringe on personal privacy, hence this pose a great challenge.
Citizen self reporting We have created the service: and aim to promote citizens to self-report and provide an overview that can be promoted to the health authorities. We are already in dialogue with the Norwegian authorities and startet working globally. Several functions could be explored, analytics of the data, connections to new/other solutions like mobile tracking, gamification to promote social distancing, include statistics, social sharing of ones initatives and personal status ++ We highly value personal data protection and the service is approved by lawyers for personal data policy/rights/approvals and security experts.
hipoteza: COVID-19 Predictions Dashboard Most COVID-19 Dashboards today offer only data on current COVID-19 cases, but offer no predictions as to the further spread of the virus in a given geographic area. Government policy however, is (hopefully) guided by predictions made by professionals in the field. Unfortunately, these predictions are usually confined to PDF reports (e.g., As the daily data trickles in, it is hard to see whether government measures are working as predicted, and/or whether the model which guided the decisions was adequate. We must wait for follow-up reports, even though, both the COVID-10 case data, and the model, are public knowledge. It would make it easier for businesses and the general public to plan ahead, if they could keep an eye on the development of COVID-19 cases vis-a-vis the development predicted with, and without government intervention.
Mindful Citizen The Mindful Citizen Campaign is a collaboration between citizens towards more mindful behaviors during the crisis. Everyday, users will log when they participated in mindful activities (wash hands, respected 1m distance, stay home, call isolated persons, care for elderly people) and we'll see all the positive impact of this behaviour change on a bigger level than personel level. Because we're all in this together :)
Interlocking Små virus sluser/stasjoner som kan settes utenfor eller innenfor inngangsdøren hjemme. I slusen må det være muligheter å kvitte seg med smitte før man går inn i hjemmet.
The Corona virus Forget about it.
HumanBios - Digital Hospital Bots wants to use existing digital infrastructures to provide global first aid in the fight against Covid-19. We want to give medical and social facilities the opportunity to instantly coordinate their staff through Telegram and Facebook to protect you from infection. website: Github: Telegram Developer Chat: Developer%20Chat:%20
#freeairwork - Open and fresh air labor and workplaces We need to get an overview on all the free air work that now needs to be done. Three reasons. Contagion in free air is less then inside, people need work. There is important work that need to be done. most important helping out on farms with the spring planting, now, the food value chain is at risk because there is no seasonal workers, then again on maintaining, the farms through the summer and harvesting again for the fall. this is low risk work since its open air work. and one can easily keep distance, the same goes for forging in the woods, in the berry and mushroom seasons people can be paid harvesters. In the cities parks and green areas can be maintained and also one can start urban farming initiatives, Outdoor maintenance on buildings should be prioritised and so on, so collect it all and call it #freeairwork make an overview and connect to nav and other employment organisations.
A new natural state of the market for sustainable value creation for the future Make a new market system that ensures and quality checks that all new value creation is based on sustainability over time, And secure a change to regenerative evolvement of value from non sustainable growth. The new market system must describe and valuate solutions that better balance the transactions, dynamics and value chains between human & nature, society & market, the local & global and the rural and urban value dynamics. A new holistic market system for the sustainability economies to thrive in for the years to come after the corona virus #postcorona.
shield UV and ozone disinfectant apparel extends a zone of social distance and comfort
Sustainability transformation of key areas in local communities Make placemaking models for converting key areas in city and central landscapes to accommodate for the new sustainability economies with focus on local sustainable value creation and near regional urban/rural value dynamics. Convert closed stores to key society and market infrastructure.
Sustainability transformation of key areas in local communities Make placemaking models for converting key areas in city and central landscapes to accommodate for the new sustainability economies with focus on local sustainable valuermeation and near regional urban/rural value dynamics. Convert closed stores to key society and market infrastructure.
Foodwaste We only use 1/3 of our food and need to change that not only because of klimate, but also economic and resource.
Lack of manpower and personal protective equipments in health sector Our health care personnels are experiencing shortage of manpower and PPEs, making them vulnerable against the Covid-19 fight. Innovative solutions must be introduced and enhanced in order to deal with the shortage issues, and it has to be mass produced in a short period of time to all hospitals treating infected patients. The main goal of this is to delay the spreading of the virus and protect our frontliners while awaiting the mass production of the medications and vaccines.
Streaming party App/website for friends to stream from the same streaming-platforms at the same time, while also seeing/hearing eachothers reactions. Like a mix between facetime and live TV, only it's streaming.
Increased visibility of respiratory droplets One of the issues with viral transmission for a virus like Covid-19 is that the medium for transmission, respiratory droplets, is virtual invisible to the human eye. Is there a way to change this and reveal the presence of these droplets in the environment? If there were, it would enable people to regulate their behaviour and stick to safe hygiene routines. As a bonus: if it were possible that the increased visibility applied only to infected droplets, the effectiveness would be greatly increased. This chemical is used in forensic investigations to reveal saliva:
Help inform citizens Government all over the world are announcing relief packages that are somewhat complicated to understand. How can a common man understand what applies to them and how to avail it?
Economy has to relate to Ecology The world has learned a lot about the principal of exponential growth lately - as related to the curves of the pandemic outbreak. As members of a global society we also need to understand the principals behind economic exponential growth. If allowed to continue within todays framework our exploitation of resources will ruin or nature, biodiversity and thereby also our economy. Most of us know we have managed to do this to a large extend already. All challenges for the future should be based on the principles of a resource based economy. This has never been applied to lager systems in our global economy so far - does anybody believe we have a any other choice for the future?
How to 3D-print a ventilator I read an article that somebody had been 3D-printing ventilator for emergency use, in case hospitals run out of them..
Ready dinner for family in need There is many families who do not have enought inncome to make good dinner. It is important to have enought nutrition for childrens. It can be solved by centrally prodused food in professional kitchen.
Save Kids from violent homes. Rescue all Kids whom are inprisioned in their homes with parents that are drugabusers, psycics or depressed in a way that scares and harm the kid.
Hjelp butikker, restauranter og kulturaktører! Mange butikker har nettbutikker, mange har reduserte åpningstider, noen har hjemlevering, kulturstedene har live-sendinger og debater, andre har Bidra- og Spleis-kampanjer for å redde selskapet, og det finnes en rekke sosiale entreprenører og andre i byen som også kan tilby tjenester til folk. Det finnes hundrevis av drosjesjåfører som ikke har noen å kjøre, og restauranter som gjerne skulle/kunne ønske å holde driften i gang hvis de fikk nok oppdrag og hjelp. Kan vi koble disse sammen?
Challenges with personal economy A lot of people are going to have problems with their personal economy in the near future. We need fast and personal solutions to help people understand their economy better.
Uncle Ben - everyone's friend. Uncle Ben is a lovely, adorable elder man in the neighborhood. He usually gives out candies to the kids, waves at them on the way to school and tell them the ghost stories under the bonfire. All of the sudden, Wuhan virus attacked the town. He has diabetes, cardinal diseases. Hence, he has to stay inside the house to prevent himself from taking further risks. However, kindness never dies. He figures out that he can leave candies in front of the gate so that the kids still have them. Sadly, uncle Ben can not go shopping and the candies are running low. One day, he stops leaving candies in front of his house. Even a kid told people that he saw uncle Ben opened a canned fish and shared half with his cat before eating the remaining :(. The kids are sad, the parents are worried as well. Luckily, the neighborhood's council suggested that we can do groceries shopping for uncle Ben and deliver food to Uncle Ben's house. Workers at the supermarket can get the list from uncle Ben and prepare a bag. Then, a person will deliver it to Ben. However, the town is big and they don't know who is available. Moreover, there are several supermarkets in town and not all of them are safe. There are reports that someone broke quarantine orders to go shopping. The parents are afraid that they could be infected when doing the shopping as well. The council noted down the concerns from residences and pass it to Hack the Crisis Norway. They are willing to give the winner 100,000 NOK to develop a solution for them. Please solve it and help uncle Ben!!! e-health solution discovery Hospitals have a real need to incorporate new technological solutions into their existing workflows and infrastructure. The pain is to find a best possible solution and do the system integration. helps to find a best possible fit using smart algorithms and decision support
Digital 17.mai Som medlem av den lokale 17.mai-arrangementskomiteen i skolekretsen er jeg/vi opptatt av å finne en alternativ måte å ferie 17.mai på hvis alle tog innstilles og ingen sosiale treff kan gå av stabelen. 17.mai er barnas dag, hvor alle skolebarn i hele landet deltar. Først i tog gjennom byer og tettsteder. Deretter på arrangement knyttet til skoler og nærmiljø, på dugnadsbasis, hvor arrangementet (ofte) skal generere inntekter til skoler, klasser, lag og foreninger. Men først og fremst skal det være en glede-dag for alle barn, med leker, lykkehjul, is, pølser, brus. Det skal være en sosial dag for familier og nabolag over hele landet som skaper glede, samhold, fellesskap, åpenhet og integrering. Med andre ord ingredienser for god folkehelse på alle plan. En dag som skal understreke den store verdien av å bo i et samfunn der fred og frihet er selvsagte. Hvordan kan en slik 17.mai gjennomføres under dagens korona-pandemi med de tiltak som er nødvendige for at smitten ikke skal spre seg? Hvordan kan 17. mai arrangeres og gjennomføres som et digitalt konsept innenfor digitale rammer, kombinert med det alle vanligvis forbinder med 17.mai? Vil folk ha digitalt lotteri og digitalt lykkehjul? Barna vil helt sikkert ha dette. Og: de kreative barna må gjerne bidra aktivt selv! Kanskje ved å lage 17.mai-tog med Lego-figurer, Playmobil, dukker, o.a. for så å ta bilder av dette, lage animasjonsfilmer. Sang og musikk fra balkonger er jo et verdensomspennende fenomen for tiden. 17.mai på balkongen, plutselig er de fleste av oss (ihvertfall de med balkong) kongelige. Med minst 1 meter mellom oss ligger det an til verdens lengste 17.maitog! beste hilsen Håvard
Shopforme Make an app people can use to shop for people while they're already at the shops. Ex.if you are at coop u can open the app and see if quarsnteened people need something in your area and you can axept the shopping, register money in advance in the app and get the money back when you deliver
Online Kafé for eldre - og andre. Mange eldre trosser forbud om å omgås tett og samles på kafé til faste tider og dager, som dem alltid har gjort. En del av dem gjør dette, kun fordi det ikke finnes teknologiske alternativer med en lav nok terskel. Så hva med å lage en super enkel web-løsning (One Click GUI uten noe innlogging) der de kan gjøre dette over web-camera. - F.eks har noe som kan bygges på. - Opprette virtuelle-kafeer (Bruke navn på eksisterende kafeer/samlingssteder??) - hvor dem kan koble seg på og enten prate med de som er i rommet, eller lage sine egne "bord". Det kan også bygges ut med kahoot, Quiz eller noe annet artig, så familien og venner kan samles der i påsken. Eller om en PT har lyst til å holde en treningsøkt/gruppetime for de eldre som sitter hjemme.. Mvh Thomas.
The economy grinds to a halt The economy is grinding to a halt in most sectors, this causes many difficulties.
Save our food value chains Disrupt the food value chains and secure local products snd produce to Get to direct and transperancytrade markets and local distribution
Queues in front of grocery stores and pharmacies Looking at other countries such as Italy, Germany, or Spain, many system relevant stores (i.e., grocery stores, pharmacies) are introducing entry restrictions - limiting the number of people that are allowed to shop inside the store simultaneously (thereby, avoiding spread of Covid-19). As a result, these stores are confronted with long queues, waiting times, and increasingly panicking customers.
Save the worklife in a new world Securing work for all by looking in to 6 hour days.and heving 12 hour workdays where 2 people share the day 7 to 7 In stead of having the day divided in 8 House work 8 live 8 slep. It become 6-6-6-6 where 6 is work 6 is sleep and 12 is live your own life.
2 fold moral purpose How can I align my inner life and private character to moral principles so I can be the change I wish to see in the world?
Save Nature Securing valuation of the nature as a part of our lives, societies and business. How can we secure natural presence in urban dence areas, how can we secure that biodiversity impact becomes equally inportant to report on and measure AS Carbon footprint and such how do we secure a more balanced state between lokal/regional and rural area and central and urban area. The virus comes from nature in unbalance, how do we restore balance in a new world
Påskekrisa Mange av dem som er flinke til å aktivisere mennesker sitter jo nå hjemme uten en jobb å gå til, gjerne permittert eller annet.. eksempelvis PT`er, eventplanleggere, mennesker fra underholdningsbransjen osv.. Hva med å samle dem på en digital plattform, under "Hva ønsker du å gjøre i Påsken?" og hver sjanger har et panel med folk fra hver gruppe som setter sammen ideer og opplegg til underholdning, trening i friluft, Standup osv..
Social connection app Social connection app to disrupt social media. Enabling people to instantly connect live, to learn about anything and share everything. A place to get all the knowledge you need for any problem, crisis, situation. From people to people.
Human Genome and microbiome in determining Covid19's virluence and lethality What's different in people who are immune and who are not? Data on those who have recovered. *Can we have genome and microbiome sequences of families where they had one member of family Covid-positive but others were not infected at all? The entire Genome and Microbiome of Covid-19 positive cases and how they relate to the final outcome or if they acquire superbugs, their microbiome before admission and when it becomes unmanageable and fatal.
SNAKKE - fremtidens løsning på ensomhet. Har du noensinne hatt behovet for å bare snakke med noen? Statistikken* sier hvertfall at du har det. Om du har problemer/følelser du ikke tørr å betro til noen, eller om du bare kjeder deg – av og til trenger du noen å snakke med her og nå – og ikke om 4 uker, når psykologen din kan.   Her kommer SNAKKE på banen! Jeg har siden august jobbet med å lage en app som tar hånd om dette problemet ved siden av studiet og leter nå etter et team som kan fremskynde utviklingen i disse tider.   Appen sikter mot å koble fremmede folk sammen på to forskjellige måter: Enten ved å hoppe rett i en tilfeldig samtale (tenk «Omegle» uten kamera) eller ved å velge et spesifikt tema å snakke om (f.eks. depresjon). Dette er for å dekke de to grunnbehovene nevnt ovenfor; behovet for å bare snakke og behovet for å snakke om problemene/følelsene sine.   Når du først er komt inn i en samtale, vil du ha en rekke opsjoner. For det første kan du sveipe videre til neste samtalen, noe som vil få den forrige samtalen til å forsvinne. For det andre kan du invitere en person til å «knytte kontakt». Samtalepartneren kan da godta/avslå. Godtar personen, vil samtalen bli lagret, så dere kan fortsette den senere.   Når man først har knyttet kontakt, kan man også forespørre samtalepartnerens identitet. Samtalepartneren kan da igjen avslå eller godta. Godtar personen, vil begges identitet bli avslørt og deres personalia og bilde vil dukke opp. Slik vil appen både kunne legge til rette for de som vil tømme hjertet sitt helt anonymt, men også de som ønsker å knytte langvarige vennskap i karantenedagene. Fokuset vil uansett i første rekke bli på personlighet og evnen til å føre en samtale sammen, over utseende osv.   For å ivareta brukernes sikkerhet og å hindre «nett-troll» vil man selvsagt også kunne rapportere en melding eller et utsnitt av tekst. Her foreslår jeg moderasjon av brukerne, i likhet med jodel. For hver samtale du har, kan du velge å gi din samtalepartner en tommel opp eller en tommel ned. Hver tommel opp vil gi personen et plusspoeng og hver tommel ned ett minuspoeng. Når man har passert et visst antall tomler opp (f.eks. 100), vil man få en invitasjon til å bli moderator. Da vil hver rapporterte melding bli vist foran et visst antall moderatorer (f.eks. 75), som så hver for seg vil si om dette var i samsvar appen retningslinjer. Personer vil deretter bli bannlyst fra appen om nok moderatorer, mener det var brudd på retningslinjene. For å forhindre at de lager ny bruker hver gang, må det ved opprettelse av bruker første gang tastes inn en engangskode som man får via SMS. Slik kan vi koble brukeren opp mot telefonnummer istedenfor mail e.l. som lett kan dupliseres.   I en tid med økt fokus på mental helse, mener 59,2%* at det er for lite fokus på ensomhet. Hele 83,3%* mener at mindre ensomhet kan forebygge mer alvorlige psykiske lidelser i lengden og 87,5%* mener at de i dag ikke vet om noen institusjoner som tar hånd om dette problemet. I tillegg kan en slik løsning ta en vekt av skulderen på helsevesenet som sliter med mange «død-timer» - forårsaket av mennesker som egentlig bare trenger noen å #SNAKKE med.   Har du lyst å redde verden, en samtale om gangen, med masse potensiale for vekst, nye idéer og et godt samarbeid i fremtid? Da kan du kontakte meg på mail:   *Tallene stammer fra egen undersøkelse med 265 svar. Lenke til undersøkelsen:
Match customer with struggling businesses Many people want to help businesses that are struggeling, but it might be hard to know who needs help. Say for example if i want to order take out more in these times, to help restaurants. How do i know which one needs my order the most? Is there a way for customers to easier find a business that needs more customers? This should also of course include small shops etc.
TeamX: Modular Hospital System Design a modular hospital system applying the methods used in both China and the United States to the norwegian case. Hospital units: - Pre-fabricated - Portable - Can be sent and assembled where needed - Offshore containers and oil tankers. Purpose should be to cover the demand from low risk patients in a crisis situation.
TeamX: Ensuring sufficient supplies and services How to help? What is needed? How much is needed? Where is it needed? A centralized database – Inventory Management System Identified problems can be open-sourced The goal is to be able to have an overview of supplies and services needed and where in an interactive real-time way using an interactive live map with a KPI based on a traffic light system. In addition to have a clear overview over the challenges being faced by the health service to be able to connect with entrepreneurs directly and solve their challenges. A direct line between challenge and solution Currently there is no common challenge database where entrepreneurs can find out what problems need to be solved for the health sector and which ones are most critical and why. This can also make it possible for common people to find out how can they contribute in times of crisis (e.g. face masks, hospital beds, breathings masks, etc..) Transfer the QHSE reporting methodology used in offshore installations where health care workers can report any challenge, issue (ideally anonymously) to give transparency to the healthcare system.
Sikre barn og unge utdanning og støtte Lage en virituell skole for å sikre at barn og ungdom får den utdanningen de fortjener. På skolen må det også være et mulig å kontakte helsesykepleier for de som har behov for å snakke med noen og sikre at de barna som er spesielt sårbare får hjelp.
TeamX: Making protective gear available for people/all How to make protective gear (protective suits) more mainstream? What if the virus was deadly for all with a 100% chance of dying if contracted? Would we stay in lockdown forever? We propose a risk based approach to create barriers for human use. The objective is not to eliminate the risk for infection or spreading disease but to significantly reduce the risk of infection and spread of the same. Winning time so that hospitals handle patients in a controlled manner and scientists/specialists can work on a cure, vaccine or on taking care of those in need while people can keep their lives as normal as possible for as long as possible. Optimizing protective suits and gear so that they can be mass produced and available for people all around the world Implementing the principle of the double or multiple barrier philosophy And the application of technical, operational and organizational solutions to reduce the risk of uncontrolled disease spread during the human life cycle. Using a risk management approach from an oil & gas industry perspective Mass producible, protective, cheap enough and good enough. Combine the aesthetics of other protective gear already mainstream (e.g. skiing gear) to make it more attractive Add a protocol to disinfect (or remove protective gear safely) once reentering a safe zone such as one’s home.
TeamX: Barrier Management in Pandemic: Where are the bottlenecks? Application of technical, operational and organizational solutions to reduce the risk of uncontrolled disease spread during the human life cycle. Understanding and identifying where are the bottlenecks in current society to be able to design barriers o reduce the risk for uncontrolled disease spread.
Spending a lot of time inside Kindergartens and schools are closed for weeks. Digital learning is sedentary and teachers strive to maintain regular curriculum. Parents face extraordinary responsibilities and might need inspiration to keep the good atmosphere at home. The challenge is to create an interdiciplinary, productive project that allows the entire family to spend time outside their house or apartment, be active, work as a team and learn skills for the future. Families will benefit from tangible results in chaotic times - this crisis might be an unique opportunity.
Bærekraftig transport ved Covid19 Hvordan kan vi optimere bærekraftig persontrafikk og kollektivtransport ved et virusutbrudd som COVID-19 pandemien?
Aktiv påske 2020 Norge får en veldig annerledes påske. Der folk som pleier å være på hytta eller reise til utlandet blir hjemme. Det blir fullt mange steder der det pleier å være tomt. Men uten de vanlige aktivitets- og kulturtilbudene vi har ellers i året. Mange vil komme til å kjede seg. Så er spørsmålet: Er den noen som kan lage en løsning ved hjelp av digitale verktøy, som kan bidra til at flere får en så aktiv påske som mulig?
Reorganisere offentlig styring Det offentlige henger langt etter i forhold til å ta i bruk de digitale løsningene som finnes. Eksempel: du blir gift. Du bør da digitalt inngå ekteskap: alle data om din økonomi, helse, etc samles og man inngår en kontrakt for ekteskap. Ved skilsmisse deles og organiseres dette bedre; digitalt, gjennom alt inn. Videre: borgerlønn; forenkle trygdesystemet ved å kun ha en lønn. Kan du ikke arbeide, får du dette. Punktum. Spiller ingen rolle hvorfor. Videre: søknader som skal sendes, anbud som skal leveres, etc. Dette bør kunne løses heldigitalt og ved hjelp av modellering. Videre kan dette også benyttes ved evt taksering, forsikring, brannsikring etc. Du etablerer alle eiendomsdata digitalt. Her er uendelige forenklingsmuligheter. Gjør oss digitale!
Covid Modelling demand for inpatient and icu beds in Norway.
Saving the heart of Oslo How might we make smaller, local dining and retail players the preferred choice among consumers and ensure that these players survive the Corona crisis? The solution should be able to strengthen the actors during, but also after the corona crisis. It should encourage smart consumption and support sustainable concepts.
Crisis Exchange At the time of the corona crisis that is also bound to become an economic crisis, there are companies whose business activity has come to a (complete) stop, but there are also businesses that fail to meet skyrocketing demand for their goods. The latter are medical and protective gear producers, also facemasks, clothing, gloves, disinfectant etc producers. In many countries, due to panic purchases, food producers are struggling to meet the demand. And last but not least, foodstuff home delivery services are fully booked and working 24/7 to meet the demand. We need a Crisis Exchange where vacant resources and capacities are quickly paired up with companies working full steam working on the verge of a breakdown having to turn down new contracts worth millions and millions only due to capacity constraints. Textile companies can produce masks. Liquor factories can produce disinfectants. Plastic producers can make protective glasses. These examples are numerous. Turned down contracts are a missed opportunity to keep the economy going and maybe even boost the exports. Governments must, of course, help also with extremely quick certification and permit management for re-oriented production facilities. Also, their assistance is needed to help deliver some critical missing component even if the borders are closed and delivery routes are hampered. Some auxiliary services may become necessary as well - engineers, maintenance, delivery, IT, etc. The solution is a Crisis Exchange in a form of a two-by-four matrix - interactive self-brokering platform to bring together the demand and the supply in a nearly real-time fashion. This marketplace is scalable to the whole world! So the two-by-four Crisis Exchange is this: The 2: (A) I have resources and capacity vs (B) I need resources and capacity. The 4: (I have or I need) (A) production facilities and capacity, (B) raw materials, (C) workforce, (D) finished goods. This marketplace could operate as an online business fair with the only difference being that we don't have months and years to prepare - the offers and contracts are to be dealt with in a matter of days, if not hours. To monetize, entries to the Exchange may be subject to a fee. Once the crisis is over, and it will be, this platform will remain operational on a subscription-based arrangement. There will always be vacant capacities and there will always be sudden surges in demand, which may be met by a temporary loaned-in capacity rather than by a long-term investment into capacity enlargement.
Ansiktsmasker/ånderettsvern Ansiktsmasker/åndedrettsvern trenges ikke byttes mellom hver pasient. Men en maske bør ikke brukes hele dagen heller da det gror bakterier i den. Kan der lages en maske med byttbart og som har en sensor som sier når filteret må byttes? Gjerne en som sitter bedre over nese og munn enn dagens M3 masker gjør. Man blir sår i huden av å gå med maske hele dagen. Spesielt bak ørene (strikken) og over nesa og kinnbena.
I am lonely During this crisis, mental health is essential to keep one's morale high. Being alone at home can be a challenge for a lot of people in diverse age groups. How might we include those that feel lonely into a striving online community and not only add them through comments, likes, or shares but have real communications with one another?
Protect All Building sustainable PPE
Can we teach an AI to decide when we are probably sick? Read the title, dummy. :-)
Enough equipment for health personell There is a thing... there will be a time when suddenly masks will be used, respirators gone, glasses broken... and than our doctors, nurses, all assistants will become vulnerable as never. Even more... let’s not forget military, police, volunteers who are creating a safe environment for us everyday... What about instead of focusing on big providers we would find ways how to make limited equipment ourselves and it would be provided from a unity of small businesses? Imagine what 3D printers can do? How many highest quality mask one sewing machine can do? We have it all here, around us... what about creating a support network based on short travelled products for our health and security system which would not only save lives but also small businesses d create save environment ❤️ Nothing is a limit!
How to fundraise My husband and I run a small humanitarian organization. We are struggling financially and the big organizations have lots of money to spend on commercials and fundraising events. How do we make ourself known? How can we get past being small and lacking funds, to being able to have more than enough? How do you talk to people about supporting, when people are going through their own crisis? Would love some suggestions. (For more information see
Winning the guerilla war How does Norway ease it’s lockdown just enough to have a sustainable number of infections that is manageable for it’s healthcare? Can we win at this by just weathering our the storm until a vaccine/treatment is on the table or are other policies of importance here? Also, would a coordinated response in which countries take turns in easing lockdowns to put less strain on supply chains of medical equipment be of value?
Mobilizing the laid-offs All the coming layoffs will generate a large pool of talents with no tasks, but spinning brains, and an increasing energy and willingness to contribute. Let's mobilize this energy into building new businesses. It doesn't take long before business ideas start popping into these underutilized brains. However, to get from an idea into a business the ideamakers need hands and brains: a webdesigner to make a prototype, a lawyer to check legal aspects, a coder to make proof of concept and some social media experts to get some publicity. Some work is long term, some shorter term. However none of these can afford to fund each other. Challenge : How to build an (online) ecosystem which connects ideamakers with experts, lets experts connect to the ideas, enables experts to work on the idea. How to make them all make money or other financial value from the hours they spend by connecting funding partners into this network/ecosystem?
eLessons When students and pupils are required to stay at home, out of school, there is a huge impact for their learning and teaching process. System should allow to start imidiately eLessons when required by school with extremely user friendly and easy to use tool with imidiate adoption (as it is so intuitive).
Community help A lot of people are not able to buy essential items so a community app which can help them identify the people who can help in the area. Something like nabobil.
Identify the people you came in contact BY adhering to the GDPR regulations a person can switch their blue tooth on . The app then collects the phone numbers of the people you come in contact of less than 2mn are recorded. The data is then shared only when you are tested to be positive and you agree to share otherwise it is deleted in 21 days. The data is encrypted in the phone app and you as a user cannot see it . It can be encrypted only by the authorities.
Reach the elders Fins a solution to reachout and help elderly people living at home and with no connection to internet etc. Maybe start companies that can attend people living at home with no internet, family etc. This will help unemployed people get jobs, and maybe assist the healthcare workers so they can use theire time on more critical work. The healthcare workers would still do the medicining and healthrelated chores, but other people can prepare meals, make beds, do shopping, clean etc.
Track me Utvikle en app som sporer og lagrer "min" bevegelse de siste 30 dagene, dersom appen oppdager en med samme app innenfor x meter (bluetooth?)logges møte Det hele låses men ved henvendelse fra helsepersonel til adm gruppe kan data hentes
Remote hospital based assessment of brain damage in young infants Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common physical disability in childhood. Children with CP are traditionally diagnosed between 12 and 24 months of age. Today, preterm infants at high-risk for development of CP is participating in hospital-based screening procedures using observation of infant spontaneous movements in video recordings performed between 12 to 17 weeks post term age. Video of 3-minute length are performed at the hospital for early and accurate identification of CP. Early identification of CP limits the functional consequences and improve our ability to provide focused health care services to the patient most in need. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, these screening procedures is hampered. Patients and families cannot visit hospitals for the video recording and assessment of risk. Trained hospital experts cannot get access to the video recordings of the infant spontaneous movements. Studies shows that it is feasible to use home-based video recordings. However, the challenge is that there exist no systems today to transfer a 3-minute smartphone videos of infant spontaneous movements from parent smartphones to hospital experts in a secure way. If challenge could be solved, young infants with possible brain injury could be early identified by remote assessment from hospital regardless of the COVID-19 situation. Aim: To develop a secure system to transfer 3-minute long smartphone videos from parents to the hospital for expert risk assessment.
SNAKKE - fremtidens løsning på ensomhet. Har du noensinne hatt behovet for å bare snakke med noen? Statistikken* sier hvertfall at du har det. Om du har problemer/følelser du ikke tørr å betro til noen, eller om du bare kjeder deg – av og til trenger du noen å snakke med her og nå – og ikke om 4 uker, når psykologen din kan.   Her kommer SNAKKE på banen! Jeg har siden august jobbet med å lage en app som tar hånd om dette problemet ved siden av studiet og leter nå etter et team som kan fremskynde utviklingen i disse tider.   Appen sikter mot å koble fremmede folk sammen på to forskjellige måter: Enten ved å hoppe rett i en tilfeldig samtale (tenk «Omegle» uten kamera) eller ved å velge et spesifikt tema å snakke om (f.eks. depresjon). Dette er for å dekke de to grunnbehovene nevnt ovenfor; behovet for å bare snakke og behovet for å snakke om problemene/følelsene sine.   Når du først er komt inn i en samtale, vil du ha en rekke opsjoner. For det første kan du sveipe videre til neste samtalen, noe som vil få den forrige samtalen til å forsvinne. For det andre kan du invitere en person til å «knytte kontakt». Samtalepartneren kan da godta/avslå. Godtar personen, vil samtalen bli lagret, så dere kan fortsette den senere.   Når man først har knyttet kontakt, kan man også forespørre samtalepartnerens identitet. Samtalepartneren kan da igjen avslå eller godta. Godtar personen, vil begges identitet bli avslørt og deres personalia og bilde vil dukke opp. Slik vil appen både kunne legge til rette for de som vil tømme hjertet sitt helt anonymt, men også de som ønsker å knytte langvarige vennskap i karantenedagene. Fokuset vil uansett i første rekke bli på personlighet og evnen til å føre en samtale sammen, over utseende osv.   For å ivareta brukernes sikkerhet og å hindre «nett-troll» vil man selvsagt også kunne rapportere en melding eller et utsnitt av tekst. Her foreslår jeg moderasjon av brukerne, i likhet med jodel. For hver samtale du har, kan du velge å gi din samtalepartner en tommel opp eller en tommel ned. Hver tommel opp vil gi personen et plusspoeng og hver tommel ned ett minuspoeng. Når man har passert et visst antall tomler opp (f.eks. 100), vil man få en invitasjon til å bli moderator. Da vil hver rapporterte melding bli vist foran et visst antall moderatorer (f.eks. 75), som så hver for seg vil si om dette var i samsvar appen retningslinjer. Personer vil deretter bli bannlyst fra appen om nok moderatorer, mener det var brudd på retningslinjene. For å forhindre at de lager ny bruker hver gang, må det ved opprettelse av bruker første gang tastes inn en engangskode som man får via SMS. Slik kan vi koble brukeren opp mot telefonnummer istedenfor mail e.l. som lett kan dupliseres.   I en tid med økt fokus på mental helse, mener 59,2%* at det er for lite fokus på ensomhet. Hele 83,3%* mener at mindre ensomhet kan forebygge mer alvorlige psykiske lidelser i lengden og 87,5%* mener at de i dag ikke vet om noen institusjoner som tar hånd om dette problemet. I tillegg kan en slik løsning ta en vekt av skulderen på helsevesenet som sliter med mange «død-timer» - forårsaket av mennesker som egentlig bare trenger noen å #SNAKKE med.   Har du lyst å fremskynde løsningen på et problem, med masse potensiale for vekst, nye idéer og et godt samarbeid i fremtid? Da kan du kontakte meg på mail:   *Tallene stammer fra egen undersøkelse med 265 svar. Lenke til undersøkelsen:
Controlled Herd Immunity Skape flokkimmunitet hos den friske delen av befolkningen på en KONTROLLERT måte mens vi likevel venter. Verktøyet må være et tilbud til myndighetene som de kan bruke i TILLEGG til de strenge tiltakene de nå bruker. Et FRIVILLIG register med folk som vil la seg smitte av Koronavirus. Smitte med så liten dose som mulig som likevel gir immunitet Prosjektgjennomføring i flere faser: Konsekvensutredning (inkl. Samfunnsøkonomisk analyse) Få folk til å melde seg frivillig og forpliktende (jurisdisk grunnlag må lages) Utarbeide en smitteplan (demografisk, geografisk og tidsmessig) Gjennomføre plan (fysisk smitte, oppfølging av isolasjon, håndheving av påbud) Kontinuerlig evaluering (testing av immunitet, endringshåndtering)
Virtual Humanity Minimize social anxiety and ensure shortest route back to normalcy. Identify key needs for different persona groups. Create a platform to connect influencers/ subject matter experts/ volunteers to the public. Generate positive content, Make it viral.
Enabling excluded groups to digitally connect In the time of crisis most parts of Norway have adapted to not only work in a more digital way, but also connect digitally in social life to keep touch with family, friends and continue hobbies and exercise. For those who are tech. savvy and able to participate this gives a sense of being together. The digital area is here to stay and when the crisis is over we might continue some of these new ways of meeting online. This digital connectedness is not for everyone, so how can the fast transition to digital connectivenes continue after the crisis to enable not only the tech. savvy adaptors, but also marginalized groups to be included? How can we enable technically excluded groups to take part in social and work life? Can we break down the tech. barriers many are facing. By a step-by-step manual along with online training in using video calls we can include those who feel lonely, need motivation to exercise, or face anxiety, learn new skills or help get back to work.
Public value for public money The public sector is being challenged to keep up or increase activity in order to keep the economy going – using the spare capacity of the construction industry to maintain and upgrade public buildings and infrastructure is only one example. It is essential that public clients do not use this situation reduce the cost of projects as competition increases. Rather, this is the time to use the available capacity to initiate and test new public procurement processes in order to ensure maximum public sector innovation in all areas.
Business as usual is not an option The government is pouring money in to save the many businesses that are now at risk. This money is, understandably, channeled to those areas where the financial emergency is most acute, often to help the businesses get control of their short term cashflow. Is there a way that this funding can be used to shape new, more robust and more sustainable business models, on the level of small and medium businesses? So extraordinary support is used to reach extraordinary goals?
The sofa citizen Citizen participation and user participation is important for democracy as well as the quality of services in a community, but open and free participation in the community also affects the health and well-being of the individual. Access to other people is important for individual safety, and when contacts break down, individuals are put at risk – domestic violence increases, for example. Is it enough to open new channels on social media? What are the other possibilities?
Redusere smitte til helsepersonell og bedre Ved å bruke denne type velferdsteknologi er det flere fordeler: - risiko for smitte fra koronasmittet til helsepersonell reduseres idet nær kontakt kan reduseres. - reduserer bruk av smittevernutstyr - registrere endringer i tilstand slik at man kan reagere og innlegges på sykehus i tide Derfor kan metoder som kan brukes med kunstig intelligens og hjemmemonitorering være en opplagt løsning på stort antall smittede og få sengeplasser på sykehus:
Re-open safely Come up with a methodology, process and the off-the-shelf technology for the government to quickly assess solutions for SMB type of businesses to re-open their business ASAP. It should be a end-to-end solution where the industry can discuss their ideas as a community and propose actions they can take to re-open their shops. When their proposal is ready it should be submitted safely (Must be a secured solution) and sent to the government for assessment. No local solutions, this must be central for all in Norway (Effifciency!). The government must put their best people to assess it, comment on it, send it back for more work etc. 24h deadline for the government, including weekends! Every day counts, lets re-start Norway. I would love to see what creativity exists out there to safely resume business and I would love it to be powered by Telia.
Analog/Digital Converter If you are old, you are more likely to get seriously ill. If you are old you are more likely to postpone asking for help. If you are old you are more likely not to be digital. When (finally) you want to ask for help, the only option you get is to use a digital means. Switchboards are overloaded so it is hopeless to try to call for help with your phone. Can we make some kind of analog/digital converter so that you can make a phone call to ask for help? No, automatic answering robots will not do - they scare you, and then you hang up. Alexia are you there? inside my phone? and you understand my frail old Norwegian?
legemidler levert hjem del 2 7.) du skanner strekkode på legemiddel for å sjekke at du fikk levert det du skulle få. For dette trengs det samarbeid mellom apotek, kartverket, taxinæring, programerer, legemiddelverket, banker. evt. kan staten avtale en god pris med taxinæring slik at de som er i isolat kan få levert legemidler gratis. Dette ville bidra til at appen blir brukt og at de som er syke eller bor sammen med noen som er smittet kan holde seg hjemme. Dette ville begrense smitten i apotek.
Solar Norway NVE suggests that annual solar energy production in Norway could be 7 TWh in 2040. We're far from that now, and solar energy players are struggling in the corona crisis. How can we kick-start a large scale roll-out of solar energy for businesses, private individuals, and farmers, in the year to come, in a way that saves and creates job, and starts a transition to a renewable future?
Videokonferansepakke for eldre- og sjukeheimar Sjuke- og eldreheimar har innført begrensningar på besøk på grunn av smittefaren, noko som naturlegvis fører til at mange eldre får mindre kontakte med vennar og familie. Kan ein sette saman ein pakke med hardware- og software-valg, konfigurasjon og dokumentasjon som vil gjere det mogleg for til dømes ein eldreheim å sette opp eit videokonferansesystem som bebuarane kan bruke til å halde kontakta med familie og vennar. Hardware-pakken bør vere satt samen så den krevar minst mogleg fysisk berøring av dei som skal bruke det, og må kunne desinfiserast lettast mogleg. Systemet bør helst kunne rullast inn på eit rom og brukast av nokon som er sengeliggande. Det bør lagast dokumentasjon for korleis eldreheimen (eller deire IT leverandør) kan sette opp og drifte systemet i sin infrastruktur, brukar dokumentasjon for pleiara og bebuarar og ein dokumentasjonspakke for familie og vennar om kva dei må gjere for å sette opp eit videomøte utanifrå / gjere seg tilgjengelege for å bli kontakta via dette systemet.
Rent Paying rent will become difficult for those who don't own the roof over their heads. Those who own an apartment or house, have the possibility of postponing payments and making deals with their banks. Tenants do not have this option. Rent is a secure income for those who have tenants. Surely some can afford to not demand rent for a period of time. This can be a solution in itself - but how do we get there?
legemidler levert hjem Det skal lagres en app som gjør det enklere å distribuere legemidler. 1.) du får elektronisk resept fra legen 2.) du legger inn din status i Appen (kan hente selv / er i isolat ...) 3.) du finner hvilken apotek har medikamentet på lager 4.) du finner prisen på hjemmelevering f.eks med taxi 5.)du betaler med vipps/kort både medikamentet og levering 6.)en taxi leverer medikamentet til din postkasse.
Digital playground Let's do something for the kids! With "work from home" life style so many people are struggling to balance work and care for the kids. We think about how hard is the isolation for us as grown ups, but what do you think the kids feel? It's important for them to have constant communication too. But what can they do today? They don't use online services to call each other and check on how their friends are doing. They don't use social networks to share their fears and hopes (well some do, but they are the older ones). For children of this world something strange happened one day - the kinder gardens and schools got closed and they got cut out of many social activities. Of course children are happy to be home with their families. But don't you think they miss their friends? Or their teachers or anyone who is taking care of them? It is nice to stay with your parents home if you have a safe home. But what if your parents are busy, tired and constantly turn on tv to keep you away, so they can work and do other things? Think of yourself being a kid, how many fears did you have when your parents acted in a strange and uncommon way? Lack of communication, lack of understanding can cause traumas. Let's make an online playground for children that is safe and that can help them cope with the same crisis that we all experience. We would want children of this world to keep playing together, talking online and spending good time with each other. Why not create a digital space for them where they can keep developing and being happy? To be honest I don't have any children, but I've noticed that so many of us who have, struggle massively with consequences of new remote lifestyle. Let's think about each other and try to make life easier for those around us.
How can this crisis prepare us for the next? Norway was not prepared for this crisis, but need to be prepared for the next. How can a multidisciplinary collaborative design thinking approach lead to new solutions and prepareness for public and corporate systems sustainability when the next wave hit us.
Medical supply How to start Making medicin in Norway again
Free air child care Make freeair kindergardens like old school childparks. Outside = much lower contagion
Still open! Holder åpen! Create a interactive map of businesses still open. Some restaurants have closed, but not all! Map will also include delivery-only shops.
#PLASTIC OVERUSE: Alternative sustainable protection tools to the COVID19 crisis These days the stocks of one-time use products are almost expired and production is set to produce more. After the epidemi, we will be left with vast quantities of plastic, than we ever would have desired prior to the pandemic outbreak. Products such as latex/plastic gloves, face-masks, whole-body suits, hospital aprons are being used in astronomical quantities. How can we limit their use places where it does more harm and waste than good (outside of hospitals)? Are there bio-degradable alternatives which can be set out and scaled up instead?
Samle smittevernsutstyr lokalt Mye smittevernsutstyr ligger på lokale lagere, både hos importører, og forbrukere. Jeg legger til grunn at sykehuset på et punkt kommer dit at må legge bort sine strengeste krav til verifisering av utstyret.. her gjelder å få mest mulig brukbart utstyr på plass og tilgjengelig i en fart!! De som sitter på hansker - masker - frakker og annet er mest sannsynlig bedrifter som idag holder på å stenger ned, permitterer eller på en eller annen måte ikke får brukt nettop dette utstyret her og nå. Challenge : hvordan få til en stor innsamlingsaksjon?
Keep meeting digitally for natures sake. Isolation gives us a lot of uncertainty but also lets us discover the location independence, that new media offers. What we therefor forget are important issues like global warming and shortage of resources. Private persons, companies and politicians were previously travelling (by plane), just to discuss a matter face to face. How can they be encouraged to keep on using these techniques after the corona crisis?
Create more jobs Norway has lacked jobs for a very long time. The very fundamental for existance. Foreigners especially suffer the most. Do you have a program to help them start their small businesses. Welfare should be a temporary thing till people get real jobs or the opportunity to start a business with small loans and guidance. If Norway helps all in a concrete way to initiate small business, progress will come to Norway. People suffer from depression when they feel their hands are tied behind their backs.Allow foreigners to be prosperous. If you do this they can compliment your country with more businesses and growth. Your nation will be known as a nation that helped the people bring more busiesses by minorities and Norweigians, that gave out small loans to women who wanted to make a difference in their lives. You have to literally live in Norway to feel discriminated. And yes Norway discriminates.
How to act Is it safe for me to go outside? How do I wash my hands the right way? Do I need more groceries? There is a lot of uncertainty for people during this crisis. How might we build an experience that allows people to find accurate answers to their questions easily?
Challenges of home office Home office can be challenging. It can de difficult to let the job stay at the job. You don't get the same mental reset-button you would get from travelling home. This can make everyday life more stressful, in an already stressful situation. Could this be solved with a form of collapsible workspace? You could easily set it up in the morning. And fold it into a container with all the necessary home office tools, and put it away after work. Perhaps something like this could help to mentally leave work?
14-day Quarantine Challenge Total Isolation not going out. What productive can be done while in Quarantine? Plan B? submit an action plan? How do u save the world?
Communication with minority groups in a crisis The government struggles to communicate With minority groups in a crisis situation due to culture and language barriers. How could this Communication be improved?
Bedre teknisk og digital kompetanse hos eldre i isolasjon Mange eldre bor alene og savner kontakt. De er ikke digitale, ser på lineær TV og bruker telefonen kun til å ringe med. Hvordan kan vi gi dem en oppskrift på hvordan de kan bruke telefonen til mer? Kan hjemmehjelpen dele ut et infoark, eller kan de hjelpe dem med dette når de er innom? Behovet vil være å f.eks. kunne ha en gruppesamtale på telefonen - med sin familie, med sine kafevenner eller turvenner.
When can i go for a hike? I would like an app that keeps an inventory of nearby hiking areas, and how crowded they are at each moment. I think of this because, some hiking areas have become busy as a city street on a Saturday, and thus a petri dish for corona.
Bruk av fritidsbåter uten å belaste Redningsselskapet Redningsselskapet har oppfordret småbåteiere til ikke å bruke båtene inntil videre. Dette handler ikke om smittefare for småbåteiere, men om å unngå å belaste redningsselskapet med oppdrag og smitterisiko ved oppdrag som kan unngås. En sommer uten bruk av småbåter vil være en stor belastning for leverandører av båter og båtutstyr og medføre fare for permitteringer og i verste fall konkurser. Kan småbåtbruk gjennomføres på en trygg måte for å holde liv i båtbransjen uten at det medfører risiko for Redningsselskapet? Hvordan?
Nettbutikkplattform for små spesialbutikker Hva med å sørge for at den lokale spesialbutikken får den nødvendige kompetansen til å lage sin egen nettbutikk veldig fort? Da kan de fort tilpasse seg et nytt marked og klare seg over krisen. Kan det lages en nettbutikk-plattform som de små bedriftene kan henge seg på? Eller fins det allerede - de må bare få vite om det.
Tiltak kartlegging I dag vet vi at nærmest alt er stengt, men når tannhjulene i samfunnet skal i gang igjen, kan man fort miste oversikt over hva, når og hvor ulike fasiliteter åpnes igjen. Hvis noen klarer å lage en webkart, app hvor kommuner, butikker, idrett etc. selv kan logge seg inn og registrere informasjon om sine tiltak(type, åpningstider, hvor, når, linker o.l) på et kart. Dette kartet kan filtreres på kommunenivå og som kan vises i en app på telefonen. Det finnes mye åpen gratis data fra kartverket Geonorge. Kartverktet har hatt egne hackaton for sine gratis data("hack4no").
Isolation of the elderly Isolation and loneliness among the elderly people is a big probelm duering the crises. How to include them and make them socialize on line?
Scaling the testing WHO says the solution to Covid-19 is all about testing. If one quickly develops an antibody test, how to distribute it to a large sections of the population - as well as make sure the results return correct, quickly and safely.
Hard style vaccination Would it be possible to deliberately infect controlled healthy individuals in groups and in turns with quarantine. 10.000 healthy people for two weeks first and so on until we have achieved herd immunity to protect the individuals that are vulnerable to the virus? Obviously an ethical conundrum, however, we do send people to war for the greater good, and what are the options really?
Merge videostreams in videochat Skype and Teams show each participant in one subwindow on your screen, wasting lots of screen space showing the interior in the room they are sitting, while the person you are trying to see remains some tiny figure between the details in his/her background. See if you can create a multiperson videochat, where the person in each subwindow is detected and cropped, and the extracted persons detected are placed next to eachother.
Game night with friends Create a video chatting platform in which you can play games with eachother while you videochat. You will see both each other and the game in two separate frames on your screen, while playing the multiplayer game together via your cellphones. Suggested games: Kokkelimonke, chess, trivial pursuit, alias, etc.
Interactive concert What if you as an artist or presenter streaming a show could get feedback from your spectators via song requests (if artist) or questions/suggestions (if you are a presenter)? The challenge would be to make a streaming platform for events with one presenter and numerous of spectators, which offers the possibility to request songs to be played, questions to be asked, AND the possiblility to vote for other songs or questions. This way, the most requested songs or input from the audience could be visible for the artist/presenter, creating an opportunity to engage your crowd and respond their feedback and desires.
Society Lab How can we create a place, a process and/or an organization that keeps on hacking crises and solving important society problems (big or small, local or global) in the future? How can we make it both easy and effective for people to participate, learn, work and connect: for a greater good. Just like this hack!
Join the concert What if we could create a streaming platform for concerts and events, where the online participants can join in as tiny dancing avatars at the bottom of the screen? Imagine you are watching a concert being streamed via a website or an app. The music engages you, and you feel like dancing to your favorite artist. You click a button which starts filming you and detecting your moves (using "human body keypoint detection", google it). Your movements are transferred into a dancing avatar/bitmoji caracter which copies your moves. The dancing avataris being streamed back to the artist playing. The artist, or her assistant sitting with a laptop watching the incoming dancing avatars from spectators, may allow your dancing avatar to join the crowd of dancing avatars projected in front of the artist on her video stream, as if she was performing in front of a herd of tiny dancing avatars. If you as a spectator are recording your dance moves, and your avatar is invited to dance in the live stream, you will see your avatar being highlighted on the live stream you receive.
Tools to screen incoming passengers Most COVID cases were imported (i.e. residents traveling outward and coming back home, or, people such as tourists and business personnel visiting the country). Situations like these call for careful screening via border control. What is lacking are scanning equipment (similar to those utilized in other airports) or better, equipment designed to detect possible infection. Certainly, this task calls for research, trial & error, testing, and iterations. Perhaps one feasible way is to adopt and calibrate existing equipment.
How do we rapidly scale up testing? The primary directive from the WHO to all countries affected by COVID-19 is to conduct widespread sars-cov-2 testing and monitoring at national level under direction from health authorities. This has already solved the COVID-19 crisis in Taiwan, and has allowed South Korea and China to return to business as usual. Commercial and academic laboratories, equipment, testing kits and qualified personel are currently standing ready to facilitate this in Norway. An initiative by ShareLAB at Oslo Science Park is organising all available resources to support the authorities. Norway Health Tech, Life Sciences Catapult at Fornebu and several biotech companies including Bio-Me are standing ready to support. University staff and resources have also volunteered their services. Testing could be scaled up to 50,000+ per day using CDC certified tests and SOPs in BSL-2 facilities. Progress is slow, as FHI and Helsedirektoratet need to direct any initiative. They are understandably slow to respond however as they are already at capacity monitoring the situation. How do can we take advantages of these resources to scale up testing? Contact if you can help:
Maintaining physical health When we do not go to work or school, the play equipment is closed and we should not be too many in jogging or trails, how can we stay in physical activity?
User and citizen involvement from home User and citizen involvement is important for urban development, but also for health, democracy, security, etc. How can we capture the diversity and various initiatives, ideas and input from residents of the local community - meeting places, other infrastructure, offers, lack of offers, air quality, climate and environmental issues, etc.? Is Facebook enough?
Accessibility and participation When everything is forced onto digital surfaces, can we create solutions that have become more accessible, enabling wider participation than before?
Social distant meeting places In a time when we need to keep a physical distance, how can we still create a sense of belonging and community? Can we participate in city life in other ways? Does it give implications for how we should plan public spaces?
Supporting local business Local business: When shopping streets become empty, how can we still support our local business, shops and cafes?
Infection tracking app An app where you can report symptoms and share your gps log. Tracking teams can see overlapping tracks of people with symptoms, and organise people into virtual groups with restrictions instead of making everyone stay at home.
Crisis psychological help for med personnel Medical personnel is in need of psychological support. Many nurses and doctors are under huge pressure and some are not handling the situation anymore. There have been cases in Italy and now in the UK of nurses committing suicide, after being tested positive for the covid19. In fear of spreading the virus further they have taken their own lives. Some countries have provided their medical health care professionals with the crisis psychologist onsite. However, nobody knows if it has been applied everywhere and whether there are enough resources. I wonder if we could provide a platform connecting available crisis psychologists with the med personnel in need.
UBI How could the tax system be changed to implement universal basic income so that most people have the same income as today, but everyone have a minimum income if they loose their job?
Reach out to and comfort elderly with cognitive illness Challenge: How to reach and comfort especially elderly with weakend cognitiv dissorders. How to use existing equipment in house that is plugged into the wall as security alarm and calender provided by the municipial. ??
Moving people To move the people & Health professionals from dense kommunes to the ones where Health Systems can afford more patients? Could analyse the Health System data against the population density across country and health workers availability.
Identify or predict R0 (Basic Reproduction Number) in the Norwegian municipalities Can data from the following sources or similar Norwegian sources be used to identify or predict the areas where proactive or reactive mesures? Table found at (Norwegian language): If the R0 above 1 over time, the virus grows. If the R0 is below 1 we have might have a reduction. The solution may identify an area where we have "superspreader(s)" who spread the virus, and where the municipality can act early to try to identify / stop movements / lock down areas. Example of how R0 the disease spreads with a R0 = 2.4 in the "Transmission dynamics section" of "Chart 3" can be seen here: See also chart5...
Teknologisk utvikling av hjemmesykepleien Hjemmesykepleien vil få økt arbeidsmengde pga flere, sykere pasienter som skal følges opp og behandles i hjemmet. Det er behov for raskt å innføre verktøy som letter kapasiteten til hjemmesykepleien. Noen besøk er rene tilsyn der man kunne brukt teknologiske hjelpemidler som skjerm med oppringning/videokonsultasjon. Noen besøk er utdeling av medisiner, som delvis kan erstattes av pillemaskiner med alarm. Hvis man får redusert slike besøk reduseres også smittefaren for pasienter og personale. Det blir snart mangel på smittevernutstyr og hjemmesykepleien vil bli svært utsatt. Noe teknologi finnes for å løse de eksemplene jeg har satt opp, men det går alt for tregt å få det i bruk. Kan dere finne en måte å få utbredt teknologiske hjelpemidler på en rask og god måte har dere løst en stor utfordring for alle landets kommuner.
Automatisert saksbehandling i nav Mange permitterte og arbeidsledige søker nå dagpenger, ledighetstrygd og sosialhjelp på Nav. Saksbehandlingsmengden er økt enormt, samtidig som mange NAV-kontor har sykemeldte ansatte. Det er behov for automatisert saksbehandling av søknader. Det samme gjelder automatisert saksbehandling av byggesøknader, som er viktig for å holde hjulene i gang i næringslivet.
Reduce the burden on health services To be able to cope with the increasing pressure on health services digitalization and patient empowerment should be targeted.
food delivery when all people will be not allowed to leave homes, there will be a challenge in shooping area, delviery time will be 6weeks.
Korona // corona Hvordan kan vi planlegge og forberede tiltak for en eskalert krise som ser helheten både fra macro og micro nivå? Hvordan kan vi designe for en kriseberedskap som øker tempoet og effektiviteten samtidig som den ivaretar helse og individ?
Essentials at home Key reason why people need to go out of their homes is for essentials like medicines, milk, bread, fruits etc. If these can be delivered at home, this can reduce the number of people stepping out if home.
What would Ghandi do? Can we learn something or change behaviour to a better outcome post Korona, by acting on the Words of Ghandi ?
Hvordan unngå PTSD? Hva kan man kollektivt gjøre for å unngå Post traumatisk stress syndrom i løpet av korana tiden ?
Verdensmester i hjemmepåske Hvordan kan Norge inspirere verden med å vise fram en inspirerende hjemmepåske for folk ute i verden? (og seg selv) Motto for påske Challenge "Den største gleden er å glede andre."
Virus testing correlation How can you preform a virus testing strategy which correlate to reflect the actual numbers of infected people? Now we test only people with symptoms, but can we test a representative selection of the population to get an overview of the outbreak? How should this test strategy be?
Students going broke A way for students and part time workers to earn cash or relieve debt in these strange times!
avoid covid-19 App that shows the risk for you to be infected by covid-19 based on number of cases( infected) having been or are in the area you move- weighted by distance in meters to nearest cases.
Covid 19 app.corona Easily alert people you have been with about the possible danger of being exposed to the virus, by using your contacts, the reciepent will probably do the same, alle the data is also sent centrally to a data center mapping the spread and possible contaged people, offcourse if you solve the privacy issues, you have a winner
TraceTogether tilpasset Norge Oversette og tilpasse Singapores sporingsapp til norske forhold:
Connecting volunteers with people who need help A platform/App to facilitate connecting volunteers and people in need of help in your neighborhood. Volunteers with specific skills or willingness to help can provide their help in a specific area during specific times. Examples: - shopping and delivering food/medicine etc to the elderly or those in quarantine or isolation - sewing skills to make protective gear from home - check-in callers to elderly or those in isolation without support - psychologists willing to offer free services for those who are struggling etc..
Smittevernsutstyr Det er manko på smittevernsutstyr til bla.a Norske sykehus. Dette medfører at sykepleiere må gjenbruke masker,frakker og visir.Det er faktisk med på å øke smittefaren på steder hvor pasienter bør være trygge.Åpne for raskere levering av smittevernsutstyr fra utenlandske aktører. De banker på dørene våre, men det koster Norske sykehus for mye i kroner og øre......
Enough food produced in Norway How can we produce enough food in Norway without beeing dependent on import ?
Restart the economy Economy is suffering from everyone staying at home not spending money. How can we restart the economy helping businesses survive?
Sammen for Oslo I verste fall vil butikkene, kulturaktørene og serveringsstedene i Oslo holde stengt lenge fremover. Alle blør nå. Det er også en rekke sosiale entreprenører og andre, som brenner for byen og kan være ressurser nå. Hvordan kan vi koble alle sammen? Kan vi engasjere drosjesjåfører, som ikke har noe å gjøre. Hvordan kan alle de unge, som nå er permittert, engasjeres for byen? Hva med alle de andre? Mens vi venter på at gatene skal åpnes igjen, kan vi bruke teknologi til å koble sammen nabolagene digitalt? Kan vi skape et eget løft for Oslo sentrum, som ikke er organisert og der det ikke bor så mange? Kan domenet benyttes, som samlende for nabolag over hele byen - også for sentrum? Kan vi sammen skape en kraft som gir maksimal hjelp og støtte til alle som har små butikker, nettbutikker, og ulike tjenester og løsninger for alle som fortsatt vil handle og ta del i byens tilbud?
Hvor mye raskere digitalisert? Hvor mye raskere går digitaliseringen med Korona tiltakene og hvordan kan vi skalere det videre i godt tempo? Hva er tallet for fremskritt i digitalisering, og hvordan beregner vi dette post korona?
Trygg i sentrum Hvordan kan man trygt ferdes i et sentrum, som er konstruert for mingling og sosialisering, i Koronaens tid ?
online brick and mortar store The brick and mortar stores customers are not buying due to lockdown. There could be an APP that converts all the inventory of the store into online store for purchasing and delivery could be made the next day.
Kan næring må reddes i alle byer Kan næring reddes med en oppskrift for alle byer, eller blir det de store med god organisert innsats som overlever? Er det samme som skal til på lite sted, småby og storby som skal til for å redde næringene og arbeidsplassene ?
Redde lokal næring? Kan man bli enig om at alle byene trenger sin egen dugnad for å redde lokal næring? Vil bare de som er dyktigst på å løse dette lokalt overleve, mens små nabobyer lider?
Massasje, hårklipp og hudpleie? Hvordan får man utført dette selv når de har stengt ?
Norsk korona dugnad for utlandet Hvordan kan Norge hjelpe andre land med en norskeid internasjonal Koronadugnad ?
4evr Korona ? Dersom vi fortsetter å leve som vi gjør i Koronatiden, med mer hjemmekontor, mer online konserter, kjører møter og store konferanser online, hjemmeskole.. Hva blir effekten (good & bad) samfunnsmessig, økonomisk, mentalt og i bærekraftsregnskapet ? M :)
4evr Korona ? Dersom vi fortsetter å leve som vi gjør i Koronatiden, med mer hjemmekontor, mer online konserter, kjører møter og store konferanser online, hjemmeskole.. Hva blir effekten (good & bad) samfunnsmessig, økonomisk, mentalt og i bærekraftsregnskapet ? M :)
Hjelp i avsidesliggende høl For de som bor i avsidesliggende høl, grender med få hus og langt uti gokk.. er det ikke like enkelt å få frivillig hjelp eller finne løsninger. Det finnes faktisk steder i Norge med liten mobildekning .. Hvordan takler man krisesituasjoner her... Hvordan gir man bedre hjelp i avsidesliggende høl ?
Frivilligarbeid Gone business Hvordan kan vi få alle de som er frivillige i Korona-dugnaden til å skape seg en arbeidsplass av sine frivillig arbeider ?
Hjelp barn, 2 delt challenge Hvordan kan vi få flere fosterfamilier til barnevernet? Salget på polet har økt, og når mange er hjemme og redd kan det føre til sinne, utrivsel og det som verre er i hjemmet. Hvordan kan vi gjøre livet bedre for barn som ikke har det så greit når de ikke har skole ? Hvordan kan vi få flere fosterhjem?
Ære din far og mor, farmor, farfar, bestefar, bestemor, mormor og morfar! ! Hvordan kan vi gi bedre dager for de gamle som er i risikogruppen ? Kan vi bruke deres kompetanse bedre ? Kan vi få de til å fortelle om livene og erfaringene sine ? Kan vi legge gode planer sammen med dem i post -korona tiden ? M :)
Make sesongarbeid i landbruk great again Vi får neppe tilreisende arbeidere til bøndene. Mat er viktig i disse tider, la oss sette pris på de som dyrker det vi trenger. Hva fikk folk til å jobbe med å plukke jordbær og hjelpe til i onna til de store bøndene før i tiden? Hva skal til for å få lokale folk ut å hjelpe bonden i dag ? How do we make it great again? Lydbok i åkern? 2spann med gode samtaler med en du gjerne vil treffe? Dating over corona jordbær plukking uten champagne? Gratis matkupong" fra Bondens marked ? Lage det om til idrett som legges inn på mentometer med premier fra Landbrukdsdep? Hva gjør egentlig polakker til bedre sesongarbeidere og hva kan vi som mennesker tjene mentalt på å bli litt polish(ed)? Fjern det som ikke passer da.
Create new jobs By readjusting fast, many businesses can be saved! Think new ways of getting the goods out to the customers, hire people to deliver and marketing them. Tenporarily laud off people can take on temporarily Jobs on for example farms and other places that needs help right now with «våronna»! Use social media for marketing of products, and start webshops If possible..
Find solutions to the dire shortage of Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) for Health workers on the front lines Globally there is a dire shortage of PPE (Protective Personal Equipment) in the form of N 95 respirator masks and other protective gear for those at the front lines (doctors, nurses, health workers) and the situation will become increasingly grave as C 19 spreads. Let’s put our heads together to try to solve this by finding sources of these incredibly valuable items in a number of ways; 1) direct access to manufacturers & suppliers with tested safe supplies 2) support companies that are equipped to switch over from the product lines they usually manufacture to produce these 3) start making our own (3D printing etc) 4) think about viable ways to recycle ones already in circulation 5) any other badass ideas Let’s do this! Thank you! Bobbi Dunphy
Norges Lockdown Problem: økonomi og samfunn Løsning: Hvordan kan alle kommune og fylke kommunisere sammen? Hvordan sikres infrastruktur (Transport, data, vann, elektro, osv.) Hvordan sikres kommunikasjon (helse, undervisning, sosial, familie, jobb, osv. Kategori: Save lives, Save communities, Save businesses
Sykehus/lege – Utstyr -1 Problem: Manglende utstyr, Løsning: Nettverk for utveksling og bedre kommunikasjon. Bedre planlegging, enklere kommunikasjon Kategori: Save lives
Tur områda – spredning av virus -2 Problem: For mange på samme turområde Løsning: Kart, med oversikt fra turområdene, kanskje man kan bruke informasjon fra mobil funk/mobile data. Kommunen kan etter disse dataene lage en risikovurdering for helsehjelp i sitt område. Bruker: Se på nett før du reise hvor mange er til stede. Kategori: Save lives
Hytteområda – spredning av virus -1 Problem: Hvor mange er på hytta? Løsning: Kart, med oversikt fra hytteområdene, kanskje man kan bruke informasjon fra mobil funk/mobile data. Kommunen kan etter disse dataene lage en risikovurdering for helsehjelp i sitt område. Kategori: Save lives
opplæringsressurser Norske lærere produserer en stor mengde opplærings-materiell i disse dager. Det jeg ser mangler er et system for å kategorisere, organisere og rangere dette materiellet. Det er nødvendig for en lærer å raskt finne de nødvendige ressursene og kunne fokusere på elevenes læring. Jeg tenker det er viktig å knytte det opp mot kompetansemål i de ulike fagene. Se Det er også ønskelig å inkludere de ulike opplæringssystemene som for eksempel er Salaby og Stairs.
Kommunikasjon for eldre eller det som er i karatene - Sosialt liv – distanse 2 Problem: Hvordan får det mat eller hjelp det trenger Løsning: "Nabolagskart" med mulighet for å sender beskjed til sin nabolag Kategori: Save communities
Barnehage - Sosialt liv – distanse 1 Problem: Kommunikasjon mellom barna i samme barnehage Løsning: Videoportal og hvor det kan sender bilder og kommunisere med barnehage. Kategori: Save communities
Krisemanagement - Restriksjonsoversikt - 4 Problem: Mange land stenger sine grenser på ubestemt tid og har alle forskjellige forskrifter. Hvordan sikrer vi at varene kommer fram, og/ eller utenlandske arbeidere kommer på jobb. Løsning: Kart med eller uten navigasjonsmulighet - I hvilken land kan jeg reise? Hvor lenge er karantene? Hva er det forskjellige restriksjoner. Viktig for entreprenører/industri ogv. for å planlegge sine ressurser Kategori: Save businesses
Krisemanagement - Restriksjonsoversikt - 3 Problem: Alt stenger, eller nesten alt. Hoteller, Bensinstasjoner. Hva er med lastebil kjører? Hvor r kan det kjøper mat eller drikke? Hvor kan det ta en dusj? Løsning: Kart med eller uten navigasjonsmulighet - I hvilken Kommune/Fylke kan jeg ikke reise? Hvor lenge er karantene? Hva er det forskjellige restriksjoner. Viktig for entreprenører for å planlegge sine ressurser Kategori: Save businesses
Contagion Contact The problem: The tests results come back posetiv! You have the virus. What do you do now? Who have you been in contakt with (withinn 2 meters) the last 10 days. Do you know the person you bumped into at the grocery store or the person standing next to you on the subway platform? A app could tell you this. With localy stord data on your phone that maybe only helth personell can access phone number/name (GDPR sensetive) using GPS for location, timestamp & bluetooth/wifi/nfc connections (public/privat key cryptography par for security) and much more.
Krisemanagement - Restriksjonsoversikt - 2 Problem: Forskjellige bestemmelse i enkelte kommune/fylke. Industri- varehandel- fiskeri – hydro, Landbruk/tids arbeider. Eks. Folk fra Agder kan ikke reise til Nord Norge uten at man må 2 uke/ eller 10 dager i karantene, arbeider fra utland ha samme problemer. Løsning: Kart med eller uten navigasjonsmulighet - I hvilken Kommune/Fylke kan jeg ikke reise? Hvor lenge er karantene? Hva er det forskjellige restriksjoner. Viktig for entreprenører for å planlegge sine ressurser Kategori: Save businesses
Krisemanagement-Restriksjonsoversikt - 1 Problem: Forskjellige bestemmelse i enkelte kommune/fylke. Byggeplass, bemanning, skift ordning, vare leveranse. Eks. Folk fra Agder kan ikke reise til Nord Norge uten at man må i karantene, arbeider fra utland ha samme problemer. Løsning: Kart med eller uten navigasjonsmulighet - I hvilken Kommune/Fylke kan jeg ikke reise? Hvor lenge er karantene? Hva er det forskjellige restriksjoner. Viktig for entreprenører for å planlegge sine ressurser Kategori: Save businesses
Unge og barn som ikke har det bra hjemme Barn og unge som ikke har er trygt hjem har ekstra utfordringer i slike tider. Det er enda vanskeligere å oppdage, og færre muligheter for de berørte å varsle. Hvordan kan man gjøre det enklere å oppdage, varsle om og hjelpe familier med slike utfordringer når alle er hjemme hele tiden?
Tapt inntekt - hvordan øke inntekt under og etter koronatiltakene? Små bedrifter som leverer tjenester relatert til egenpleie er nå stengt. Disse har en spesiell utfordring ettersom det er vanskelig å tjene inn tapet - antallet ansatte er det samme (eller færre), og selv om flere kunder kommer til når man ikke mer enn maks kapasitet. Kan man lage løsninger som enten gir mulighet for inntekt til tross for begrensningene, eller som øker inntektsgrunnlaget i etterkant? Typiske bransjer: hudpleie, massasje, fysioterapi, tatovør, frisør.
Homeoffice distancing Teknisk fungerer hjemmekontor fint for det meste. Men det er mange som opplever økt stress og savn av kollegialt samvær allerede etter 10 dager. Hvordan kan vi overkomme «homeoffice distancing»?
Medical protection equipment There has to be a way to produce disinefction, medical protection equipment and be a self supplid than importing for asia. If our healthcare workers cant protect can they work in the long term...if they use the same protection gear again and again the chance of getting infected increase.
Checkers Due to the Covid-19 isolation and quarantine measures, there have already been reports of elderly people left to tend to themselves, even in care homes. Some of these people end up dying without anyone to even check on them. To avoid this, there must be an easy way for anyone who wants to volunteer to check on elderly or fragile citizens. The challenge is to build a platform (web or mobile app, for instance) where people can find the phone number of those in risk groups (e.g., elderly) and volunteer to call to check on them to see if they are sick or need someone to fetch food or medicine for them. These people are then registered as having been fine that date or as in need of something. The numbers can be on a simple list and / or map, and the volunteers should be able to filter by, for example, distance to their location (in case something needs to be taken to their homes).
Workforce monitoring In the times to come it will be crucial for businesses to know/monitor the status and avaliability of their workforce in order to predict future needs in the business (extra personnel, shut down operations, start up operations etc.). Different status can give different predictions of future avaliability etc. - Quaratine - Isolation (been sick or not, proven COVID-19, immune etc.) - Schools closed and kids at home (avaliability lower than 100%) - Sick familiy can decrease avaliability Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions :) Hege /
Save local business Small businesses like restaurants, cafes, small hotels and stylish shops will be heavily affected by the crisis. Some sources say it will take 10 months after the crisis to get back to normal for them. Many will be closed forever
Care about our Grannies How can we care about people in elderly homes, that are at high risk and kept in a secure space, that keeps them away from their families? I would like to make the best for our grandmothers and grandfather in cooperation with the elderly care system. Our grandparents don't have access to a smartphone and suffer the most from not seeing their beloved ones in crisis now and even beyond when the family is not living close.
Hospital Respirators Respirators. Ask the hospitals if it is possible to connect multiple users to the respirators needed for coronavirus patients. 3D print or design valves to make this possible. Or help the diy communities improve on DIY respirators that hospitals are gonna need in the weeks to come. Create a national App, for everyone who has been quarantined to register themselves. Seems like the government does not have a list of who needs to be quarantined or not.
Is it safe to go out? I need an app who can give me a time slot on when to go to my store/pharmacy. How many are there now?
Mental health Build resilience
Norwegian agriculture We are in lack of foreigners working in agriculture in Norway. How are we going to solve this?
Tracking infection The government has advised certain risk groups to be isolated at home, all people who have the possibility to should work from home, and if there is suspicion around Covid-19 then quarantine is strictly advised. Alongside all the measures applied by the government, what innovative solutions can help with tracking the infection in the society? Tracking has become a big challenge as the number of infections have increased.
Digitale festivaler I møte med koronakrisen vil antagelig en del av de norske festivalene kansellere. De er nødt til å finne andre måter å tilfredssstille publikum på. En ting er å sende live-konserter, men jeg tror man må finne andre alternativer i form av både forretningsmodeller og ting man kan vise fram for å få inntjening. Så utfordringen eller spørsmålet blir som følger: hvordan kan norske festivaler bli digitale og overleve sommeren?
Oslo Voucher Since a lot of buisnesses such as bars, resturants, cinemas etc are struggeling with cash liquidity these days, an idea to increase this could be an Oslo (or wherever) Voucher. This can be an webpage or an app, where people can buy for example: 3 beers at Crowbar. 2 cinema tickets 1 ticket to the viking museum for a family These tickets will be discounted by a certain %. This is why people would want to invest their money. As things open up in the future, people have nice things to look forward to doing. And the buisnesses get cash flow up and running now right away.It is good for population morale, happiness and for local companies struggeling. The banks would be interested in such an idea as they loose a lot of money if companies shut down. Maybe they would help with software-infrastructure regarding payment solutions and money transactions. If someone has bought vouchers for a company that goes bankrupt is a problem. You figure out how to solve this (I bet the banks has tips). I am aware some companies has tried crowdfunding etc with success, but an app like this would generate a lot higher income. I would for certain like to spend 1000kr tonight on things I will get in the future when things open up. I have nothing else to do.
Desperate people Many adults loose their jobs + can pay their bills + sit home alone. They have nobody or few to talk too and are under enormous pressure. And many kids are in homes with alcohol, drugs, violence etc. The teachers cannot help these kids now since the schools are closed.
Restaurant buisness I suggest during the hard times for all food serving places in norway, a possibilty to sell their food in local grocery shops
Covid19 Mutation prevention/prediction Can we harness the power of distributed computing to predict mutations of Covid19, and thus be steps ahead in treatment research?
Informasjonsflyt til minioritetsgrupper Hvordan er informasjonsflyten til minoritetsgrupper i disse dager? Får de den informasjonen og hjelpen de trenger?
Reversing the job model A way to reverse how one gets jobs. The future is gig and its time norway went on to find its Gig-Economy version.
Testing of individuals Currently most of European inhabitants are confined home as everyone can potential be a virus spreader. This has tremendous consequences for businesses and communities and will probably be difficult to follow through with time. This is due to our lack of testing capabilities. We must invent solutions to test for people for virus infections that are affordable and scalable (similar to pee tests?) so that individuals can adapt their behavior accordindly.
Confusonometry Who have the most to gain from SARS-CoV-2 virus? Are there cracks appearing somewhere one would not expect? Do we see commonalities? What data would not - in theory - be disturbed by Covid-19 diease or other issues rising from the virus?
Helping small ski resorts in Norway 60 % of all ski resorts in Norway have revenue under 2 million NOK (around 185 000 USD). They are owned by by the municipalities (so you can say they are owned by you and me) and are driven by volunteers. Because of the covid-19, they had to shut down most of this season including their busiest season with (easter). Many of them will go bankrupt. It is enough with 1 year without maintenance on the lifts, and the lifts can no longer be used. Many small skiresorts in Norway will be lost. This is a concern for future public health. We have to help them hack a alternative revenue!
Audience feedback Being an online entertainer is all well and good, but could we come up with a way for them to communicate with their audience while streaming? Example, a concert is a two way interaction with a live audience. The best performers feed off and direct the energy og the audience. This is missing in the streams we are noe seeing.
Remote teams Everyday life has taken a sudden turn for all of us, those of us that still have work to go to are forced to work online. How can we build teams that create a learning culture on digital platforms that plays this situation to its strengths? How can teams work better together in these isolating times? Can we create teams that collaborate, engage and have a common drive towards their mission? Can we build a framework now and use this time to build stronger connections and a learning mindset? How can we work better together alone?
Unemployment On a short term, many will be unemployed. This can lead to more inequalities, depression in those affected, and social problems. How to convince those that are still having a job, those with a good economic situation, businesses that are flying high, to share their profits and income for a limited period of time?
A common start signal for the economy A nation’s economy is extremely complex and co-dependent. Supply chains rely on financial support, a functioning market, buying power among customers, etc etc. There are many cogs in the machinery running simultaneously. Giving and receiving “support” from the other cogs. Now that the economy has come to a halt, the big challenge will be to get it started and back to normal, once the crisis is over. For many of the businesses in Norway, to ability to start up again will only succeed if all other companies hit the “full steam ahead button” at the same time. If we don’t press the button at the same time, the ones that do will most likely go bankrupt due to high cost and low income. Many business executives will be aware of this, and sit back and await for the market to pick up. Which it won’t, because companies will all be waiting for this. We need businesses to agree on a common start up signal, to be able to hit “full steam ahead” and know that they won’t run directly into an iceberg, because everybody else will do the same thing and ensure clear waters. Imagine that, a signal that kicks off everyone exactly where we stopped mid March 2020. It will be like Corona never happened, like we just went on a summer holiday.
Shortage of medical equipment and supplies The coronacrisis came as a surprise and was followed by a wave of panic in Europe despite it starting in november 2019. In Norway and in general in Europe, there is a lack of medical equipment / supplies to handle the current crisis. Type of equipment & supplies range from respiratory machines, masks, desinfectant etc ... How can we better be prepared for future disease outbreaks?
We cannot test everyone We cannot test everyone. Not even those who need it. Out way out of the crisis had to be backed by reliable data. The challenge is to create a solution to vastly scale testing capability or find another way to diagnose without conventional tests.
Save the bars! I’ve already seen multiple bars and restaurants struggling or closing. How can these business that are already heavily regulated (alcohol marketing/distribution restrictions) be supported during a time when their physical business is forced to close
Team Building How to team build NEW teams while working remotely? How to keep team energy flowing while working remotely?
Tracing the spread. South Korea appears to have been able to contain the virus by aggressive testing and tracing the contacts that the victims may have had with other people, spreading the virus. My suggestion for challenge is to create a system through social media, and apps, that enables this tracing, without putting the personal data at risk, and alerting potential victims to go get tested. Second part of this challenge is to enable robust testing for everyone, how often and whenever they need to. Not only to track newly infected, but also to track people getting free of the virus, and hopefully immune.
How can fitness centers still contribute to public health and well-being? The fitness centers in Norway have all been closed down, and a void needs to be filled. Fitness centers today, are mostly working to help "normal" people stay in good health. Enjoyable classes, educated personal trainers, safe equipment and focus on nutrition and healthy habits, are key components in today's leaders in the industry. Most of us know that staying active, being social, having fun and eating well is crucial for good health, but that doesn't mean we all know how to. It also does not mean we have the motivation to execute actions, even if we know that we should. This is where fitness centers were playing their role before the crisis hit. How can this industry continue to play this role in the coming months with restrictions? Live classes online are one thing, but what about all the people who don't want to participate in that type of training?
Supporting local businesses Establish an online "shoppingcenter" for local businesses where they get the support they need to offer their products online. Combine with a delivery-service (like foodora). Should also be suitable for businesses who have been forced to keep closed, like hairdressers, so that they can offer their products in combination with online guidance.
Corona heat map is good. If you have a heat map you instantly see where the spread is moving. If it is open to public people know if they have it in their area or not.
TRADISJONAL HANDCRAFT AND IT TECH How can these to fields handcrafts with sharp fysical tools, for exemp sharp tools Trees, wood and shapes; and coputer science, hardware, software and Cloud possibilitys. Work together to Finn totalt New ways off understanding the World intangeble culturherritage and the fantastic possibilitys for IT to conect us as humans on a level that has never been seen before. The consept off lærning could change
Online couch. Make watching series more social during the corona crisis Create some kind of app or browser addon that lets you watch movies or series with other people, friends and such, and communicate with them with or without video at the same time. Try and make watching series more social during this time of crisis.
Corona Pass Every family or house will have only one pass that they need to activate when they will go out of their home. When it is activated, police will have record of people outside. If you get caught outside without the pass, you could get fine or jail. This is to prevent people going outside for no necessary reason. Companies and jobs that are essentials in this time of crisis will have their employee special qr code. for examples nurses, doctors, etc... will have their own.
Hospitals We can not meet the people who are in quarantine in the hospitals.
A Global Notisboard Make a site where people from anywhere can report on local challanges and need's. So we can make arangements to solve them on our own, without relaying on goverments and big corporations.
Eldreomsorg Hvordan skal vi sørge for at eldre blir godt nok tatt vare på nå? I en slik krise trenger de kanskje mer omsorg en noen gang.
Art challange All exhibitions are now closed due to the corona virus. Is it a good idea to make the exhibitions available on internet.
Folkehelse - hjemmekontor Bare av å sitte hjemme noen dager kjenner jeg på ryggsmerter.
Information The high risk groups need to get information.
Arbeidsløse Det er alt for mange som har blitt permittert. Hvordan kan vi engasjere disse? Hva kan de gjøre? Hjelpe start ups? Frivillig arbeid?
Back to new normal Mange har blitt arbeidsledige i løpet av denne perioden. Hvordan kan man matche arbeidskraft og ledig arbeid på bedre og mer effektive måter enn i dag? (i dag melder en seg arbeidsledig, du kan legge inn cv og kan lete etter jobb på Men hvordan effektivisere og få til bedre matching mellom kompetanse, yrke og eventuelt utdanningsbehov.
Teacher hologram Home office is ok. Home school is fine as well (maybe). But the combo does not work out very well for me. My children demand help constantly and the cyber teacher does not have the capacity or the competence to solve every problem. This results in me being a constantly available it-guru X teacher combination, simultaneously trying to do my paid job (research). What I need is a teacher hologram who can support, teach and help my kids when problems and questions arise. Can you do this? Thanks a lot XOX
Copy & paste The Singaporean government has released the app used to quickly trace people that mingt have been infected. Could that be tailored to a Norwegian version. If people could know quickly when they have been in contact with someone having Covid, they can isolate more quickly to slow down the spread. Since Singapore has been successful with this, why not copy? Kr Carol
Tool to make life a bit easier when you need care How can we design and develope a tool that makes it easy to be informed and coordinated in delivering multiple services? How can we make sure that a user/pasient is informed, coordinated and taken care of without all unclearity, time waste and fuss? How can we make a better Experience for all involved, both giver and reciver?
Lonely elderly living at home A lot of elderly people live at home and can’t get as much contact with family and friends due to the corona. How to activate them and keep them in touch with their families?
Holistic service Public services need to be better to offer holistisk services. They need to be co-creative, co-produktive and more holistisk in their approach. If you are in need of multippel public services two problems are repetitive. Communication and coordination
Big Data AI against covid19 Put together total mobile tracking and any symptoms self-monitoring for finding patterns with AI. In pandemic situation there is no place for privacy we just need to act. Every person must keep his/her symptoms and home treatment online diary. Symptoms list can find from doctors treatment guide for sepsis. It is possible to use mobile card id-number for web access identification. Infection accidentally attacks whole body. It’s good proactively to gather information for doctors and self-evaluate usual health of your organs and nerve system, maybe add lifestyle. Output for doctors: visualized graphical timeline with signs and body scheme with colored internal organs. Speeds up doctors work. Output for person: real-time statistical health or symptoms of your passed contacts and also fatal warnings or prohibitions. For scientists: find infection behavior and diffusion patterns.
Basic food production The coronavirus crisis brings with it another big crisis (which might have repercussions for a time even longer than the one strictly related to our health): the economical crisis. The Norwegian Krone is sinking together with the oil price, and the unemployment rate is sky rocking, this means that in the near future the price of food will increase terribly (Norway imports most of its food, so with a weak Krone the price of food might double very soon). For this reason I believe that one of the priorities in the next months is to invest in local agriculture and food production. Norway has to become more self-sustainable or it will suffer a lot, very soon. Most people in Norway own big houses with big gardens, there should be a program that encourages (or even obligates, if it comes from the government) to use house gardens to coltivate basic vegetables or, if possible, even more elaborated agricultural products (mushrooms? greenhouse fruits?). All the people in good health at home in permittering under NAV unemployment benefits should be encouraged to dedicate time to transform their gardens, or some public green areas suitable for this purpose, for the cultivation of basic fruits and vegetables. This might sound like a naive idea, but it is something that in other countries to some degree is already happening: We need some kind of program that trains and leads people in this direction.
New virus! A New, even worse virus showing up in the fall. Before the world has recovered from covid-19. We don’t know when a new virus will show up. Could happen in 2020 already? How to handle two virus situations in parallell?
Food Sharing People bond by sharing food, meals. How can people share that bond during a lockdown?
Airliners with Cashflow problems Airlines like Norwegian is suffering a lot from the Coronavirus. Make a solution to fix this problem
Home testing kits Send out home testing kits to as many as possible, to get real data about the virus spreading.
Information sharing in hospitals The hospitals in Norway today are facing an issue where they’re very dependent on being on the hospital network to access files and the digital work environment. With few VPN-accesses and few correctly set up computers to work with, that means that employees who do not qualify as essential workers (f.ex. psychologists) have to stay at home without being able to have professional discussions and team meatings about clients, because they don’t have good enough, secure systems for that type of communication. They still communicate with their patients via phone, but the colleagues face a more silo-like structure inbetween them, because they can’t communicate with everyone.
F Alle må ta ansvar. Viktig Å holde seg oppdatert i nyhetsbildet og etterlever de tiltak som tas. Dette er alvor.
How to amend the looming shortage of test kits, chemicals and equipment for Corona testing What can be done to assure massive Corona testing in the whole population, if and when supplies of commercial test kits, chemicals and equipment run short worldwide.
Educate the Full online school. Schedule your own timetable. All lectures available online for streaming on demand. Tasks and school assignments available and automated corrections where possible. Curriculum adapted and according to each country specifications. Meaning education is available 24/7 wherever you are. From kindergarten to Ph.D online.
Where are prople Using data from mobile phones mapping peoples mobility and clustering
Track the contageon Develop a solution to track the movement of all covid-19 positive patients in order to alert everyone they have been in touch with, and to visualise movements of all infected, all while protecting the privacy of everyone to a satisfactory level. Good luck!
Toiiiilet paper! How to make people not buy too much toilet paper when it's not needed.
How do we make a fast nationwide poll system for times of crises? How do we make it clearer what the democratic populations in nationwide crises wants to do and what action should be taken? Given a list of options, if a large majority (ex. 67%) wants to to do the same action, the speed of 'tiltak' could increase dramatically. And that could solve lives. So, the challenge is, how do we best make and implement a system that quickly could make a large part of the population take a poll on what action(s) to execute.

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